Module Binsec_utils

module Binsec_utils: sig .. end
General BINSEC related utilities

val read_file : parser:('a -> Lexing.lexbuf -> 'b) ->
lexer:'a -> filename:string -> unit -> 'b
val read_dba_file : string -> 'a Dba_types.program
val load_dba_definition : Machine.isa -> 'a Dba_types.program
val read_optional_config_file : string option -> Infos.t
read_optional_config_file optfile parses optfile if it is not None. Otherwise, or in case of parse error, it returns Infos.default. If a start address has been set on the command line, it tries to set it.

Caveat: if an entry point has been set both through a configuration file and the command line, read_optional_config_file fails.