Module Disasm_options

module Disasm_options: sig .. end
Command-line options specific to disassembly

val simplification_cli_handler : Arg.spec
Sets variables below according to command line
val simpl : bool Pervasives.ref
val simpl_fun : bool Pervasives.ref
val simpl_sequence : bool Pervasives.ref
val simpl_inline_calls : bool Pervasives.ref
val simpl_no_summaries : bool Pervasives.ref
module DisassemblyMode: sig .. end
module DbaOutputFile: Parameters.String 
module OpcodeOutputFile: Parameters.OptionalString 
module NoLoaderMode: Parameters.Boolean 
Default to false.
module IgnoreUnhandledInstructions: Parameters.Boolean 
Defaults to true *
module ProtectedMode: Parameters.Boolean 
module ShowInstructionCount: Parameters.Boolean 
module Sections: Parameters.StringSet 
module ArmDecoder: Parameters.String 
val is_ignored_segment : X86Types.segment_reg -> bool
val mark_ignored_segments : string -> unit
val set_file : string -> unit
val get_file : unit -> string
module Logger: Logger.S