Module Logger

module Logger: sig .. end
Logging/output facilities

module type S = sig .. end
module type ChannelGroup = sig .. end
module Make: 
functor (G : ChannelGroup) -> S
include Logger.S
val set_zmq_logging_only : send:(string -> unit) -> bool -> unit
set_zmq_logging_only ~send b identity diverts all formatting to an identity if b is true. Be careful in this case: all other formatters are erased. If b is false, formatters are reset to default initial values.
val with_tags_on : Format.formatter -> ('a, Format.formatter, unit) Pervasives.format -> 'a
with_tags_on ppf fmt pretty-prints fmt on the pretty-printing formatter ppf with tag marking and printing functions activated. Before it quits, those functions are deactivated.

This allows delimits an environment where tags simply need to be interpreted or might have specific semantics.