Module String_utils

module String_utils: sig .. end
Extra functions over strings

val replace_chars : (char -> string) -> string -> string
replace_chars f s creates a new string where all characters c from s have been replaced by the result of f c
val reverse : string -> string
reverse s creates a new reversed version of s
val filter : (char -> bool) -> string -> string
filter p s creates a copy of s containing the characters of s such that p c = true,
val fold : ('a -> char -> 'a) -> 'a -> string -> 'a
fold f acc s computes (f .... (f (f acc s.1) s.2) .... s.n) where n is String.length s - 1 *
val for_all : (char -> bool) -> string -> bool
val exists : (char -> bool) -> string -> bool
val remove_char : char -> string -> string
remove_char c s creates a copy of s without any occurrence of c
val remove_newline : string -> string
remove_newline s creates a copy of s without the newline character '\n'
val lchop : int -> string -> string
lchop n s removes the first n characters of string s. Does nothing if the s is empty. Returns the empty string if n >= String.length s n must be positive.
val left : int -> string -> string
left n s returns the n leftmost characters of s. n must be positive and smaller than the length of s.
val size_of_hexstring : string -> int
size_of_hexstring s computes the size in bits of hexadecimal string s. Unsafe function: it does not fully check that s is a valid hexstring.