Index of types

action [Dba_types.Rights]
address [X86Types]
The memory address format supported by the machine language
address [Smt_model]
address_size_mode [X86Types]
ar0 [Transfer_functions.Arity]
ar0 [Generic_decoder_sig.Monadic_Arity]
ar1 [Transfer_functions.Arity]
ar1 [Generic_decoder_sig.Monadic_Arity]
ar2 [Transfer_functions.Arity]
ar2 [Generic_decoder_sig.Monadic_Arity]
ar3 [Transfer_functions.Arity]
ar3 [Generic_decoder_sig.Monadic_Arity]
arith_op [X86Types]
Arithmetic operations

basic_value [Smt_bitvectors]
binary [Transfer_functions.Binary_Backward]
binary [Generic_decoder_sig.Expr_Input]
boolean [Transfer_functions.Binary_Backward]
boolean [Transfer_functions.Boolean_Backward]
boolean [Generic_decoder_sig.Expr_Input]
bytestream [Lreader]

cc [X86Types]
A condition code is a pair of a basic condition and a boolean indicating whether that condition is true.
channel [Logger.S]
color [Colors]
conc_infos [Trace_type]
list of runtime infos
concreteMap [Concrete_state]
condition [X86Types]
Basic conditions
condition_env [Smt_bitvectors]
conditionsList [Ai.AbstractAnalysis]
conf_t [Conf_exploration]
control_reg [X86Types]
Control registers

data [Union_find.Make]
data_t [Libcall_types.LibCall]
dbainstrmap [Dba_types]
debug_reg [X86Types]
Debug registers
defuse [Dba_types]
djmpsMap [Ai.AbstractAnalysis]
dse_analysis_sig_t [Path_pred_env]
signature that should implement an analysis contained in the analysis field

elt [Worklist.S]
endianness [Machine]
equalities [Ai.AbstractAnalysis]
exec_perm [Dba_types]

flag [X86Types]
flagsType [Ai.AbstractAnalysis]
float_reg [X86Types]
Floating-point registers
formula [Formula_type]
SMT formula as represented internally
formula_entry [Formula_type]
the three different kind of entries in the path predicate: Comment: used to generate easy to read formula, VarDefinition: converted to define-fun in smtlib2 and is used to define the different variable used in to formula, Constraint boolean expression converted in assert in smtlib2

genop [X86Types]
Generic instruction operands, indexed by the relevant register set
genop16 [X86Types]
genop32 [X86Types]
genop8 [X86Types]
genopxmm [X86Types]
globalThresholdsType [Ai.AbstractAnalysis]

heap_event_t [Uaf_detection]
hybrid_mem_chunk [Formula_type]
structure used for the RoW hybrid.
hybrid_mem_t [Formula_type]
any hybrid memory (just a list of chunks)

identifier [Smt_model]
input_t [Formula_type]
insert_instrs [Ai.AbstractAnalysis]
instruction_kind [X86Types]
Standard x86 instruction set
instruction_kinds [Infos]
instruction_sequence [Dba_types]
isa [Machine]

jump_kind [Generic_decoder_sig]
jump_target [Generic_decoder_sig]

localThresholdsType [Ai.AbstractAnalysis]

m [Generic_decoder_sig.Monad]
m [Generic_decoder_sig.Monadic_Arity]
metadata [Trace_type]
metadata_map [Trace_type]
map of metadatas
mmx_reg [X86Types]
MMX registers
mnemonic [Disasm_types.BasicInstruction]
mode [X86Types]
mode [Options]
Sub components

path_t [Formula_type]
Path predicate type
permissions [Dba_types]
pmap [Disasm_types]
pol_t [Libcall_types.LibCall]
predsSet [Ai.AbstractAnalysis]
program [Dba_types]

qed_checker [Qed]

read_perm [Dba_types]
reg16 [X86Types]
General-purpose 16-bit registers
reg32 [X86Types]
General-purpose 32-bit registers
reg8 [X86Types]
General-purpose 8-bit registers
rep [X86Types]
replace_instrs [Ai.AbstractAnalysis]
rotate_op [X86Types]
Rotate operations

scale [X86Types]
Scales for integer operations
segment_reg [X86Types]
Segment registers
shift_op [X86Types]
Bitwise shift operations
shiftd_op [X86Types]
simd_size [X86Types]
sizeMode [X86Types]
smtBvExprAlt [Smt_bitvectors]
smtBvVarAlt [Smt_bitvectors]
smt_abv_array [Smtlib2]
smt_abv_arry name index content Represent an array sort used to represent the memory defined by a name and the size of addresses index and the size of the data content usually 8 bits
smt_abv_expr [Smtlib2]
smtlib2 array expression
smt_bv_binary [Smtlib2]
Bitvector binary operators
smt_bv_expr [Smtlib2]
smtlib2 bitvector expression
smt_bv_unary [Smtlib2]
smt_bv_var [Smtlib2]
smt_bv_var Represent a bitvector sort defined by a name and a size in bits
smt_expr [Smtlib2]
smtlib2 expression (boolean)
smt_result [Smtlib2]
variant for different smtlib2 outcomes
smt_var_decl [Smtlib2]
inputs which are either bitvectors or arrays (memory)
solver_session [Solver]
channels when interacting with solvers
sse [X86Types]
SSE tests
statesMap [Ai.AbstractAnalysis]
stopList [Ai.AbstractAnalysis]
symbol [Region_bitvector]

t [Generic_decoder_sig.Instr_Input.State]
t [Machine.Gettable_settable]
t [Worklist.S]
t [Predba]
t [Lreader.Accessor]
t [Lreader]
t [Disasm_types.Program]
t [Disasm_types.Instruction]
t [Disasm_types.BasicInstruction]
t [Disasm_types.Mnemonic]
t [Binpatcher.WritableLoader]
t [Binpatcher.PatchMap]
t [Union_find.Make]
t [Smt_model]
Model types
t [Simulate_options.ConditionalStrategy]
t [Sigs.Logical]
t [Sigs.Arithmetic]
t [Sigs.Comparisons]
t [Sigs.Eq]
t [Sigs.Comparable]
t [Sigs.Printable]
t [Sigs.Any]
t [Region_bitvector.SubSymb]
t [Region_bitvector]
t [Path_pred_env]
Environment type
t [Parse_helpers.Message.Value]
t [Interval.S]
t [Infos.WideningThreshold]
t [Infos.BoundThreshold]
t [Infos]
Configuration definition
t [High_level_predicate]
t [Disasm_options.DisassemblyMode]
t [Disasm.Program]
t [Dba_types.Block]
A DBA block represents a set of DBA instructions with explicit links to the next one.
t [Dba_types.Statement]
t [Dba_types.Declarations]
A DBA declaration has a name, a size in bits and some optional tags
t [Dba_types.Instruction]
t [Dba_types.Jump_target]
t [Dba_types.Tag]
t [Dba_types.LValue]
t [Dba_types.Expr]
t [Dba_types.Condition]
t [Dba_types.BinaryOperator]
t [Dba_types.AddressStack]
t [Dba_types.Virtual_address]
t [Dba_types.Caddress]
t [Bitvector.Common]
t [Bitvector]
t [Bigint]
t [Basic_types.Size]
t [Basic_types.Ternary]
t [Basic_types.Binstream]
t [Basic_types.Natural]
t [Parameters.Generic]
t [Ai_options.Domain]
t [Ai.AbstractAnalysis]
test_reg [X86Types]
Test registers
thresholds [Union_find.Make]
thresholdsType [Ai.AbstractAnalysis]
trace [Trace_type]
Trace type
trace_analysis_config [Options]
Configuration sent to DSE analyses with a configuration, filename, trace_format
trace_concrete_infos [Trace_type]
trace_format [Options]
Trace format either a file or network stream
trace_inst [Trace_type]
Trace instruction type
trace_inst_callback [Trace_visitor]
trace_inst_dba_callback [Trace_visitor]
trace_inst_map [Trace_type]
map of instructions
trace_visit_action [Path_predicate]

variadic [Transfer_functions.Arity]
variadic [Generic_decoder_sig.Monadic_Arity]

wideningType [Ai.AbstractAnalysis]
widening_delay [Infos]
write_perm [Dba_types]

xmm_mm [X86Types]
xmm_pos [X86Types]
xmm_reg [X86Types]
XMM registers